Internship Development/Communications

Road to Responsibility is offering a seasonal internship opportunity this summer within our Development and Communications Department.
RTR is a non-profit, human service organization that provides supports to adults with disabilities at 50 locations across the south shore
This opportunity has some flexibility in hours, averaging at 5 - 10 hours per week for the summer months of Late June through August.
For Massasoit Students, this is a (non-credited) University approved and endorsed internship that would appear on the official transcript.
There would be an a recommended option to also attend the annual Road to Responsibility Gala on September 21st.
The opportunity would provide a hands-on opportunity, working directly with our Director of Development and Communications providing support in the following areas:
Donor Relations
Event Promotion
Event Planning and Preparation
Donations Management and Acquisition
Social Medial Management
Other Administrative Supports as Determined by Director
This interesting and exciting hands on experience would be a great learning opportunity for any student.
Please note, that if you are a Massasoit student, this non-credited opportunity is University approved, and would go on your official transcript.
Please apply ASAP to be considered

Don't Be Fooled

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